The 4 Reasons I Created Perfect 10

The 4 Reasons I Created Perfect 10

Perfect 10 (P10) is a talent agency that was established in October 2018 under fortuitous circumstances. Despite not originally intending to create this business, my decision was influenced by my second relocation to Cambodia in October 2016. The purpose of my move was twofold: to advance the work of Khmerican, a news hub with a twelve-year history, and to pursue my political aspirations. But life has a way of unfolding mysteriously, and I have learned to trust my instincts. I would like to share four key factors that prompted me to establish P10.

Firstly, there was a notable absence of structured support for amateur artists in Phnom Penh, where only a handful of modeling and talent agencies exist. These agencies typically require individuals to have already amassed a substantial fan base and triumphed in major local TV talent competitions like Cambodia's Got Talent or The Voice: Cambodia in order to secure representation from prominent agencies such as Arise, Reasmey Hang Meas, and Veesa. P10, on the other hand, took a different approach. We conducted comprehensive interviews to assess candidates based on their skills, educational and career objectives, creativity, weaknesses, and various other factors. Above all, we sought out individuals who exhibited passion, drive, and persistence in pursuing a career in entertainment. If applicants successfully passed our interview and showed commitment to our agency, we provided them with up to 12 management services and support.

Secondly, during my time in Cambodia, I observed that a significant number of young people, particularly women, aspired to become teachers or accountants—both noble professions. However, many of these individuals possessed artistic backgrounds. Unfortunately, between 2005 and 2008, pursuing a career in the arts, whether in modeling or as the next Preap Sovath, was not actively encouraged by families and friends.

Over a period of 4.5 years, I personally interviewed over 500 individuals, from as young as 13. After providing them with a briefing on the company's history and my background, most parents were inclined to permit their children to join P10 if they successfully passed the interview.

Presently, P10's primary objective is not to mold our members into full-time models or artists. Instead, our focus is on establishing a solid foundation of knowledge and experiences for them within the industry. This journey entails transitioning from amateurism to independence. We firmly believe that the Khmer people possess a natural inclination for creativity. With Cambodia increasingly embracing the arts as a legitimate and viable full-time profession, P10 is committed to supporting the next generation of models.

Stay tuned for Part II in a future post.

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