February 2024

February 2024


And just like that, I'm off for a work trip to Bangkok, Thailand! But not by air, but instead through car via Koh Kong province.

The purpose of the business trip was to make a site visit to the Thai Experimental Aviation Association (TEAA) in neighboring Saraburi. On arrival, we were greeted by TEAA's president, Mr. Uthai Khewraxsawong and his team. They gave a presentation and tour of their facility and we snapped some photos.


Today brought an impromptu trip to Svay Reang province, the site of an ongoing real estate project called, Phum Morodok. Situated 300 meters south of Svay Rieng University (SRU) on National Route 1, the 43-hectare mixed purpose development will feature new villas, flathouses, a bustling market, green spaces, and much more! But what caught my attention most, however, was a natural crystal blue lake.

According to sources, the lake will be converted to a recreational site for water related activities and serve as a backdrop for a camp site, among other planned ideas.


January was probably one of my most "unproductive" months that I recall. When a fresh beginning motivates renewed resolutions to better oneself in work, health, and finances, I felt I veered the opposite. Or maybe I'm just tough on myself?

However, a positive new trend had emerged. For the past 7 out of 8 days, not only have I eliminated alcohol from my evening activities, I began to start a new routine with sunset walks. For truth be told, it was my roommate Lyz who initiated the idea. It began as a short walk from one of our favorite eateries, Rachana Papaya, on Street 240 back home near Bassac Lane to our longest walk yet last night, a 45 min exploration of sights and smells from our apartment to the edges of the Koh Pich boardwalk. Through this new tradition, I have forgotten about social drinking, and have been able to sleep better every night.

But I must build off this positive new habit and stay focus.

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